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The State of Credit Quality: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

This study investigates two issues facing the equipment finance industry, determining early signs of cyclincal macro-economic weakness and if underwriting standards will have an impact during the next downturn.

Lender Finance: How Does the Capital Stack?

This latest study from the Foundation, dives into the dynamics of the lender finance market place in a post-financial crisis world.

Securitization: A Renaissance for Equipment Finance?

This report is the latest industry focused report from the Foundation. The report reviews current environment and analyzes the future of securitizations.

Digital Documents

This Study quantifies the extent to which the equipment leasing industry is now engaged in Electronic Lease Transactions, and the challenges that have been addressed in the process.

The Impact of Alternative Finance on the Equipment Leasing and Finance Industry: Maximizing Opportunities and Managing Threats

The purpose of this study is to help legacy equipment finance companies and other lenders understand what and who composes the alternative finance marketplace and the environment in which it operates.

Leadership - The Next Productivity Frontier

This study measures current industry practices associated with leadership and professional development, which are most likely to result in improved organizational performance.

The Future of Financing Advanced Energy Efficient Building Equipment

This study defines the growing building energy efficiency market, specifically focusing on project finance for retrofits in commercial buildings.

Big Data: A Study for the Equipment Finance Industry

This study defines big data, puts that definition into context for the asset finance industry, and showcases the variety of ways asset finance companies could benefit from using big data.

Rise of the Banks in Equipment Finance: Establishing a Sustainable Engine for Growth

This study details how an increasing number of banks have developed their strong current position and discusses the issues and challenges they and their competitors face.

Municipal Leasing and the Risk of Nonappropriation

Examines the municipal government’s viewpoints, attitudes and practices regarding municipal leases; analyzes historical information from existing nonappropriation surveys of financing entities; and identifies any meaningful correlations between the two.