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Robots, Cobots, and Finance

In its role of fostering future-focused research and analyses, the Foundation examined the attendant factors of autonomous vehicles and determined that, while significant, autonomous vehicles represent a subset of a far more pervasive industry – robotics.

Independents: Banking on the Non-Banks

What is the domain of independent financing companies? How do independents create value and differentiate themselves from often much larger and lower rate competitors? This new study addresses these and other questions.

The Impact of New Energy Production Technologies on Equipment Finance

Opportunities and Challenges Shaping the Future of the Finance Industry.

2018-2019 Vertical Market Series: Road Transportation

This, the second of these vertical reports, provides an outlook on U.S. road transportation sector, sector confidence and anticipated spending, and key developments and trends impacting this sector over the next 1-2 years.

Applied Economics Handbook: Make Better Business Decisions - 2018 Update

The Applied Economics Handbook is intended to familiarize industry leaders with insights on how to better leverage economic data and tools published by the Foundation to make better business decisions

2018-2019 Vertical Market Series: Construction

This, the first of these reports, provides an outlook on U.S. residential and commercial construction, sector confidence and anticipated spending, and key developments and trends impacting this sector over the next 1-2 years.

On the Rise: How Inflationary Pressures and Rising Interest Rates Could Impact the Equipment Finance Industry

This Report explains how a world of rising inflation and interest rates may affect the equipment finance industry, including customer demand, portfolio performance, spreads, and the propensity to finance.

Headwinds, Undercurrents, and Tailwinds: How Equipment Finance Companies Can Learn and Benefit from the Fintech Phenomenon

This new study provides an in-depth examination of Fintechs—companies that offer or enable financing using streamlined technology—and their opportunities, risks, and trends for the equipment finance industry.

The State of Credit Quality: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

This study investigates two issues facing the equipment finance industry, determining early signs of cyclincal macro-economic weakness and if underwriting standards will have an impact during the next downturn.

Lender Finance: How Does the Capital Stack?

This latest study from the Foundation, dives into the dynamics of the lender finance market place in a post-financial crisis world.