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How to Improve Your Risk Return Profile Using Credit Default Swaps

By Andrew Kumiega, Ph.D and Deborah Cernauskas, Ph.D Jun-08 This paper illustrates how a credit default swap can be used to hedge the counterparty risk associated with a portfolio of leases, increase the net present value of uncertain lease cash flows,

Brazil: The Carnival of Equipment Financing

By The Alta Group Jul-08 Unlike North America, equipment financing is highly-regulated in Brazil. Among other issues, effective risk management is critical for success in Brazil.

2008-2013 Transportation Outlook Series: Truck and Trailer Financing Trends

By Global Insight, Inc. Sep-08 Truck and Trailer discusses major factors and shines a light on the unknown future of this section of the equipment leasing industry, by analyzing data and interviews with top individuals within the market.

Enhancing Corporate Capabilities Through Outsourcing

By Genpact Nov-07 This paper examines how outsourcing select business processes in the typical equipment leasing and finance company can enhance its capabilities and performance.

The Future of Financing Alternative Energy Equipment

By The Alta Group, Global Financial Consultants and Gilbert E. Metcalf Dec-07 This report and related survey are intended to provide a view of the current state, the business impact, and future projections for this increasingly important sector

Paperless Transactions: The Competitive Edge

By Netsol McCue, Inc May-07 This study focuses on the equipment lease finance executive and their need to understand the benefits, challenges and future of a paperless business process. The content of the study includes a discussion and analysis