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Captive Finance Firms in a Challenging Economy: Facing the Wave Executive Summary

This executive summary of the 2009 captive study gives a glimpse at the captive business models, once proven to be effective, and examined why they have failed or are being questioned and modified.

Captive Finance Firms in a Challenging Economy: Facing the Wave

CapGemini Nov-09 Recent traumatic changes in the equipment finance industry are resulting in unprecedented changes to the environment in which Captive Finance Companies operate. The Captive Finance Firms in a Challenging Economy

Credit Scoring Models: How to Effectively Rate Your Credit Risk

PredictiveMetrics, Inc. Sep-09 Credit scoring models have proliferated in the equipment finance industry. Recent lending institution failures outside the equipment finance industry may have underscored the risk of over-reliance on automated scoring model

India: How to Navigate the Equipment Finance Marketplace

By The Alta Group Feb-09 India, with the world's second-largest population and fifth-biggest economy, represents one of the largest opportunities in the world for manufacturers, financial institutions and services companies.

2009-2011 Transportation Outlook Series: Aircraft Equipment Finance Market

By Global Insight Feb-09 With more than 5,000 aircraft leased worldwide, roughly one-third of the global freight and passenger fleet is under lease. This is up from 25% in 2001, and analysts predict that the proportion under lease will reach 50% by 2010.

North American Intermodal Transportation: Infrastructure, Capital and Financing Issues

Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Hofstra University and Anthony Hatch, abh Consulting Feb-09 Intermodal assesses the financing models related to the next generation of intermodal terminals equipment, while focusing on the feasibility of public/private partnerships

2009 - 2011 Transportation Outlook Series: Marine Equipment Finance Market

By Global Insight Feb-09 The study, 2009 ñ 2011 Transportation Outlook Series: Marine Equipment Finance Market examines current challenges facing the marine equipment industry including a reduction in funding sources, reduced shipping needs

Hispanic Latin America: Discovering Success in Equipment Finance

By The Alta Group Mar-09 While Argentina, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Peru and other Hispanic American markets do not have the industry infrastructure, or the market development, found in Western Europe or the US, there are many ways to incorporate

2009-2011 Transportation Outlook Series: Rail and Locomotive Equipment Finance Market

Global Insight,Inc. Oct-08 The second release of the Foundation's Transportation series details the outlook of the Rail and Locomotive market to help steer anyone in the industry in the right direction.

Mexico - Factors For Success in the Mexican Equipment Finance Market

By The Alta Group Sep-08 This paper addresses key differences between the U.S. and Mexico, such as the Mexican legal system, local lease accounting standards, market assessments and risk management to help anyone interested in venturing into this market.