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Community Banks and Equipment Finance - What It Takes To Be A Success

The study investigates the current business environment for community banks as it relates to activity in the equipment finance and leasing industry, and compiles information regarding key performance indicators which contribute to success over failure.

Financing the Cloud - A Market Study

This study shows how the Cloud Computing market is emerging and what factors will drive continued expansion and adoption.

Equipment Lease Securitization Performance Versus Other Asset Classes

This study asses the perfomance of Equipment Lease and Loan Asset-Backed Securities, compares their perfomance to other asset classes, and gives a prediction as to the type of trend this market will show in the near future.

Effectiveness of Business Process Improvement for Equipment Financing Companies

This study examines the success of business process improvement practices for the equipment finance segment, including addressing the effectiveness of general, customer-supplier, Six Sigma, and lean management BPI practices.

The Place of the Independent Equipment Leasing and Finance Company

The study addresses what can be learned from independents' historically successful efforts to help design the future success strategy for independents.

Changes to Lease Accounting: Rules, Reactions and Realities

This study provides a look into the state of the equipment finance industry after the upcoming FASB changes and how companies will be affected by the new rules.

Social Networking for the Equipment Finance Industry

This is a study on how to integrate social media and networking strategies and best practices into an equipment finance organization’s communications and marketing efforts.

Infrastructure Construction and Equipment Finance Opportunities

This report provides an outlook on infrastructure construction and offers a review of the current situation as well as an analysis of future trends.

Bundled Solutions - Equipment Financing Without the Equipment

Examines in detail and provides a point of view on a critical question facing the industry today: Will Bundled Transaction Frameworks persist as a procurement option on the iT acquisition spectrum" due to customer and vendor requirements?

Healthcare Information Technology - Equipment Financing Opportunities

"Healthcare Information Technology" outlines unprecedented opportunities that exist to offer finance and leasing products and services to this rapidly emerging sector known as healthcare technology.