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This Study quantifies the extent to which the equipment leasing industry is now engaged in Electronic Lease Transactions, and the challenges that have been addressed in the process.

Big Data: A Study for the Equipment Finance Industry

This study defines big data, puts that definition into context for the asset finance industry, and showcases the variety of ways asset finance companies could benefit from using big data.

Predictive Analytics: Increasing Profitability, Managing Risk and Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

This study explores Predictive Analytics in terms of impact upon profitability, business processes and decision making, how it can be effectively implemented from both a business process and technology perspective, and what benefits can be expected.

Enterprise Risk Management For Equipment Leasing and Finance Companies

This study provides a guidebook on the history, trends and how-to's of implementing enterprise risk management practices.

Effectiveness of Business Process Improvement for Equipment Financing Companies

This study examines the success of business process improvement practices for the equipment finance segment, including addressing the effectiveness of general, customer-supplier, Six Sigma, and lean management BPI practices.

Credit Scoring Models: How to Effectively Rate Your Credit Risk

PredictiveMetrics, Inc. Sep-09 Credit scoring models have proliferated in the equipment finance industry. Recent lending institution failures outside the equipment finance industry may have underscored the risk of over-reliance on automated scoring model

Independent, forward-looking research for the equipment finance industry.