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2016 Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook - Q4

This popular report forecasts 2016 equipment investments and capital spending in the U.S. and evaluates the effects of various related external factors in play currently and into the future.

Leadership - The Next Productivity Frontier

This study measures current industry practices associated with leadership and professional development, which are most likely to result in improved organizational performance.

The Future of Financing Advanced Energy Efficient Building Equipment

This study defines the growing building energy efficiency market, specifically focusing on project finance for retrofits in commercial buildings.

Rise of the Banks in Equipment Finance: Establishing a Sustainable Engine for Growth

This study details how an increasing number of banks have developed their strong current position and discusses the issues and challenges they and their competitors face.

Municipal Leasing and the Risk of Nonappropriation

Examines the municipal government’s viewpoints, attitudes and practices regarding municipal leases; analyzes historical information from existing nonappropriation surveys of financing entities; and identifies any meaningful correlations between the two.

Business Aircraft - Gaining Altitude

This study addresses the opportunities and challenges facing lessors, lenders, investors, and customers of the business aircraft market.

Oh Canada! Seeking Growth North of the Border

An analysis of Canada’s equipment leasing and finance market; geographical influences on industries and assets within Canada; environmental factors impacting the region; and regulatory, accounting, funding and capitalization considerations.

Community Banks and Equipment Finance - What It Takes To Be A Success

The study investigates the current business environment for community banks as it relates to activity in the equipment finance and leasing industry, and compiles information regarding key performance indicators which contribute to success over failure.

Financing the Cloud - A Market Study

This study shows how the Cloud Computing market is emerging and what factors will drive continued expansion and adoption.

The Place of the Independent Equipment Leasing and Finance Company

The study addresses what can be learned from independents' historically successful efforts to help design the future success strategy for independents.

Independent, forward-looking research for the equipment finance industry.