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Lender Finance: How Does the Capital Stack?

This latest study from the Foundation, dives into the dynamics of the lender finance market place in a post-financial crisis world.

Securitization: A Renaissance for Equipment Finance?

This report is the latest industry focused report from the Foundation. The report reviews current environment and analyzes the future of securitizations.

The Indirect Equipment Finance & Leasing Markets: Relationships between Larger Intermediaries and Their Purchasing Partners

The study specifically investigates the current business environment for larger intermediaries that sell at least fifty percent of their business to purchasing partners including banks, larger lessors and commercial finance companies.

Equipment Lease Securitization Performance Versus Other Asset Classes

This study asses the perfomance of Equipment Lease and Loan Asset-Backed Securities, compares their perfomance to other asset classes, and gives a prediction as to the type of trend this market will show in the near future.

How to Improve Your Risk Return Profile Using Credit Default Swaps

By Andrew Kumiega, Ph.D and Deborah Cernauskas, Ph.D Jun-08 This paper illustrates how a credit default swap can be used to hedge the counterparty risk associated with a portfolio of leases, increase the net present value of uncertain lease cash flows,

Independent, forward-looking research for the equipment finance industry.