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Managed Solutions: Evolutionary or Revolutionary?

The managed solutions study analyzes this increasingly prominent business structure and its impacts on the industry.

2016 Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook - Q3 Update

This popular report forecasts 2016 equipment investments and capital spending in the U.S. and evaluates the effects of various related external factors in play currently and into the future.

Journal of Equipment Lease Financing - Spring 2016

This issue of the Journal features articles on lender finance and California lenders law.

Applied Economics Handbook: Make Better Business Decisions

The Applied Economics Handbook is intended to familiarize industry leaders with insights on how to better leverage economic data and tools published by the Foundation to make better business decisions

2016 Industry Future Council: Creating New Pathways to the Future

The IFC report offers a look at the influencing forces, variables and market-changing trends that signal the pace and direction of business for the next ten years, making it an invaluable strategic and tactical tool.

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